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The Outcasted Ones

The Outcasted Ones are a group of rebellious folks who escaped the clutches of the oppressive government and decided that they weren't going to let random people that they just met decide what lives they would live from now on. They amassed quite a following and are now the biggest pain in the governments backside.


The rebels structure is the rebel leader, followed by the rebel elite, thus followed by everyone else in the organization. To become one of the elite, you just have to prove that you truly do deserve a spot in the top, by doing something filled with much impact or destructive capabilities against the oppressors.

Public Agenda

Their motivation is that they were not going to be told how to live their life, when life has given them a choice. They do this to survive their way, not the way of another. Especially since the government has deemed them as needing to be eliminated for the greater good. Of course, they cant except this decree without putting up a fight. Winner takes all.


The Outcasted Ones have plenty of underground ties to the black market, a high amount of troops, and because an outcasted one can look like anyone, they are admist the public eye. Most of the public supports them anyways.


The organization began when the rebel leader appeared eighteen years before The Oasis, but when his talents were assessed, it was determined best to eliminate him immediately. In anger, he consisted to eliminate the employee with the help of the other nine who appeared with him. Those nine became the first elite, as they cut, slashed, diced, and eliminated everyone in their way.

Deny the Power, Destroy the Oppressor.

Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
Alternative names given to them are as follows: "The Rebels", "The Destructive", "The Heathens", and "The Deniers".

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