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Keepers of True Faith

The Whitecloaks

Officially known as the "Keepers of True Faith", the organization is best known simply as the Whitecloaks. While the nickname is not rebuked by the organization's leaders, a conscript would certainly be reprimanded if spoken in front of their commanding officer.   The Whitecloaks are a religious and militaristic regiment of men serving both as peacekeepers and theocratic rulers of a police state far south-east of Illivan name Aster Prienne. They are named for their remarkable garb, including impressively decorated armor under a large, white cloak. However, they feel compelled by right to impose their idea of order throughout the world. They can commonly be seen in meager frontier towns and small hamlets where there are less centralized authorities to speak of to overrule them. As a result of their constant interruptions in local politics, the governments of the world consider the Keepers a menace to national order. While Whitecloaks are known to save communities troubled by demons or similar dark forces, they are equally infamous for kidnapping and imprisoning those they deem in contradiction to their beliefs.   The Whitecloaks believe that it is their duty to expunge not only their country, but the world, of evil kin, including devil-spawn and those that practice evil magic. This is in accordance with their strict interpretations of the religious teachings of The Five. They famously quickly garrisoned around the walls of Roue D'or after rumors of Demon sightings began in 812 ER, though they were careful to never enter the city proper as they are expressly banned by the Merchant Kings ruling the city.   One long standing settlement is the garrison Crestmark near Zoloman's Spire. First recorded by Keeper Zoloman, the Crystal Spire is a source of contention among the leaders of the Whitecloaks due to its immense size and unknown origin. Some within the faith believe the spire resembles a mythical structure from the legends of Ocantu, making it a holy site. Others believe that it is a source of evil due to the massive amounts of magical energy it outputs. Despite differences in opinion, the Grand Marshals and Arch-bishops have agreed the spire deserves to be under constant observation. Thus the formation of the Keeper's oldest garrison outside of its capitol.


Arch-priest, Grand Marshall, bishops, generals

Public Agenda

Spread faith and purity by any means necessary.


Teaches and spreads a very strict and traditionalist view of the "Five Divines" faith. Leaders of the organization are also leaders within the religion.

In Purity, Salvation

On his way to find his inn, Ambrose notices the crowd spitting to make way for three brilliantly armored men, walking abreast.
  Session #2: An Unassuming Spell
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
Training Level
Keeper, Whitecloak
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Gold Suns, Silver Suns, Copper Suns
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