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The Hoods

A gang of thieves and highwaymen


"The Hoods? Thieves. Swindlers. Rogues. Muggers. Pirates. Assassins. That's all they are. These anarchists must be eliminated from our kingdom. And their leader, the Street Fox, will serve as an example to the thieves to come, one to rot forever in prison."
— Robert of Bellmare, Chief of the Guard of Nouvemond

Since word of the Street Fox began to spread, the crime rate throughout Archana also began to rise. While the Fox and its inconceivable ghost thefts always happened in the capital of Nouvemond, lots of reports of assaults in urban areas, but especially on the roads, have been made. The details are nothing but sketchy, but the people attribute this to the Hoods.


The Hoods are an unorganized organization. No one is really sure how they operate: some say they are just random thugs who have nothing in common, others believe they are disciples lead by the Street Fox. Click here to reveal spoilers for the campaign.
In truth, there is no actual chain of command, nor are there entry requirements. These thugs are arbitrarily accused of being part of the Hoods, or they claim that themselves, but that is all a facade - the organization in of itself does not exist, it is an urban myth perpetuated by word of mouth.


Click here to reveal spoilers for the campaign.
A secret group of criminal minstrels who call themselves the Night Echoes decided to capitalize on the legend of the Street Fox. Their plan was to push people to follow on the steps of the legendary thief under the excuse this was a revolutionary movement, so they would serve as cannon fodder for the group to easily go unnoticed on their own robberies. After that, the lie created legs of its own, spreading until Archana had to deal with a revolution that does not exist.

Founding Date
~493 AE
Illicit, Gang
s. Hood; pl. Hoods
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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