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The Black Squadron

Swift, silent assassins used by Lannitan Prime Minister Calora Verdana to ensure her people never oppose her reign of terror, the Black Squadron is led by Lieutenant Wynndon Starre, a man with almost as many secrets as the dictatorial woman he serves.


Verdana's word is law over the Black Squadron. Her orders are typically passed to the group's commandant, who will then pass them to the assassins themselves.

Public Agenda

The Black Squadron has only one goal- to spread the fear of Verdana throughout all of Lannita, in hopes of putting down the rebel cells who constantly threaten to force the country into war against itself.


The Black Squadron is a fairly new organization, begun with the capture of a young rebel commander named Wynndon Starre. For months after his capture, Prime Minister Verdana and her right-hand man, Antone Thorne, worked to turn Starre against the rebels, using whatever means necessary to break his will.   Eventually, their efforts succeeded, and Starre pledged himself to Verdana's cause. A period of "trial" followed, in which Starre was closely watched to ensure his change of sides was indeed real. This period ended when Verdana ordered Starre to attack a group made up mostly of his oldest friends. Starre did this without hesitation, killing several among the group and capturing several more, all without a hint of remorse.   Satisfied, Verdana embarked upon the next phase of her project. Six elite assassins, one of them, surprisingly, Malceran, were placed under Starre's command to form a team of assassins responsible for eliminating Verdana's enemies one by one. Through the next year, the fear of the Black Squadron, particularly Starre, grew until the entire country was afraid to look crosswise at one of Verdana's men.   Since its founding, the organization has suffered only one blow, a large and ironic one- the loss of its original commandant, Wynndon Starre. A rebel captain, Ariven Selder, who had once worked alongside Starre, overpowered and captured him, vowing to reverse the change Verdana had wrought. Starre, along with Selder's entire rebel cell, disappeared soon after this event and have not been heard from since.   The Black Squadron is still in operation, with leadership passing into the hands of Antone Thorne.
Secret, Military
Alternative Names
Shadows in the Night, Death Whispers, Verdana's Fist
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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