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Lannitan warriors have held a fearsome reputation through the ages. Malcera's neighboring country, Lannita can boast only of scrubby chaparral and high, red cliffs.   "I told her we'd be in Lannita. Nothing else." - Adina Thycaris


Lannita is roughly twice the size of Malcera, with a hot, damp climate. The two countries have been enemies for most of their history.   The Avrelam River provides a great deal of Lannita's fresh water. Certain villages, such as Bandenrook, profit from the river by fishing for their living.   Other towns, such as Ridrem City, are entirely military in purpose. Most of these are located on or near the Malceran border to provide an advantage should the strain between the two countries erupt into war.   The Deep Mines provide a large percentage of the country's income. Slaves are sent deep into the bowels of the earth to chip out the valuable stones, ores, and metals found within it. These are one of the only natural resources found in the country and are jealously guarded.   The Ministerial Palace is the main center of government for the country, as well as the living quarters of Prime Minister Verdana and her servants. It is here that the highest law court meets to settle matters of national importance, and here that Verdana organizes Lannitan military efforts. Castle Strake, the family home of General Thorne, is meant to function as a secondary fortress should the Ministerial Palace ever be compromised.   As the people's discontentment with the harsh Lannitan government grows, so too does the encampment of the rebels, led by Captain Ariven Selder and Lieutenant Wynndon Starr. Though Verdana and Thorne have made multiple attempts to find this location, they have not been successful...yet.

Natural Resources

Lannita gains most of its profit by sea. Due to the strained relationship with its neighboring Malcera, trade between the two countries in uncommon, but not entirely unheard of. With limited natural resources, Lannita relies primarily on the ores and metals found within its dry yellow earth. Some livestock are raised, but they are of inferior quality compared to the surrounding countries. One fairly new resource is weapons, with the Lannitan ministry only recently allowing a handful of Lannitan weapons to leave the country.

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