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Ridrem City

Originally intended as an entirely military location, Ridrem City has evolved into one of the largest and most important cities Lannita can boast. Though it may seem to be just another trading center, the rare Malceran presence in this city means that Prime Minister Verdana's eyes and ears are everywhere.


Ridrem City is populated primarily by merchants and traders, though another segment of the population is comprised of the new military recruits who come to the city to train. A smaller segment is made up of healers who take advantage of the herbs and remedies that grow wild here.


Here especially, Prime Minister Verdana's presence is strong. The increased number of soldiers, and the fact that this is one of the few cities readily open to Malcerans, mean that government is often strict in this particular city.


Ridrem City has strong gates and walls and a heavy military presence to protect it. Many buildings in the city are additionally fortified.


Trade and military endeavors are Ridrem City's mainstay. It is one of the only places where the superior Malceran goods can be purchased in Lannita.


A large, open-air market and trading center, as well as the buildings in which soldiers train and prepare, are this city's only remarkable features.


Boasting a location that joins with both the sea and the Malceran border, Ridrem City is the perfect location for both trade and military endeavors.


Ridrem City is a fairly ancient city that has grown with Lannitan expansion. Though originally intended as a military outpost, its strategic location has ensured its growth as a trade center as well. However, its original purpose remains clear, and the city has often been central to the various Lannitan civil wars.


Architecture within the city varies. Official buildings are built in a utilitarian style.


Ridrem City has access both to the sea and the Malceran border, but not to Lannita's main water source, the Avrelam River. Much of the city's fresh water comes from wells.

Natural Resources

The city's only natural resource is its strategic location. Ridrem City's inhabitants rely on trade to make their living.
Large city
Location under

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