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The Ministerial Palace

The Lannitan Ministerial Palace has housed the very heart of the country's government for generations. Currently home to Prime Minister Calora Verdana and her much-feared Commandants, the decisions made in this building affect the whole of Lannita- whether for good or for ill.

Purpose / Function

The Ministerial Palace is, in theory, a fortress and home combined with a headquarters of government. Some rooms function as the living quarters for Verdana, her servants and certain government officials. Others serve as meeting places for various assemblies, and still others are used for official trials and court cases. The lowest areas of the palace include storage areas, armories, weapons vaults, and a dungeon in which political prisoners are held.


Each successive Prime Minister has altered the building as he or she sees fit. Current Prime Minister Calora Verdana has styled the palace in a streamlined, functional way with minimal decoration, reflecting her focus on the affairs of the country. She has paid particular attention to the prison deep within the palace, upgrading its security measures against the tenuous situation of the country.


The palace is built of the two most common materials in Lannita- grey and brown stone, with grey forming the main building and brown used for the roof. It is built in the severe, utilitarian style that most Lannitans prefer, with the only decoration being the Lannitan flag flown from every tower.


The Ministerial Palace was built at the command of the first Prime Minister, Jehan Symethe. Throughout the country's history, each Prime Minister has lived and worked there, except for brief periods of civil war when opposing groups have taken the palace. The Lannitan Ministry, however, always manages to reclaim control of the palace, which serves as a bastion from which to take the rebel cells down.
Parent Location

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