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Lannitan Culture

Lannita makes a daily occurrence out of the practice of war. Built upon hardness and strategy, Lannita's culture is not for the faint of heart.   "The only thing worse than a battle is war. And yet here I am, making a life out of it." - Adina Thycaris

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Female names are usually formed using l or c sounds. The ending and number of syllables varies.

Masculine names


Family names

Family names are rarely changed. To let one's name die out is considered the ultimate disgrace. Because of this stigma, many childless couples choose to adopt a male heir.

Other names

A warrior's name might be changed if he performs some feat of war. The name he receives would honor or bring that event to mind in some way. For a particularly valiant deed, the warrior's surname would be changed, sharing his honor with his whole family.


Culture and cultural heritage

Lannita focuses mainly on the arts of war, swordplay, sparring, and physical strength.

Shared customary codes and values

Almost anything is decided by duel. Some of these are to the death, though such duels are uncommon, typically used for duels of national importance or concerning the line of succession among the ministers.

Average technological level


Funerary and Memorial customs


Common Myths and Legends

While not legend in the classical bard's sense, stories of Adina Thycaris are widely spread.


Beauty Ideals

Physical strength and skill at combat is valued above classical beauty for both sexes.

Courtship Ideals

Arranged marriages are most common. In a marriage dispute, the parties may duel to reach a decision. Women who do not wish to marry are also permitted to duel any suitors, although they must agree to be married immediately should they lose.

Relationship Ideals

The father takes the lead in every home, though the lady of the house may challenge him to a duel in a civil dispute.

Major organizations

Ministry of Lannita
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Related Organizations
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