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The Fellshadow Fleet

"Aye, I seen the Fellshadows. Damn near got m'self killed by 'em. They tore through the city like it was paper. Found themselves a nice little brook and snuck their schooner down it, cannons blastin' the whole time. One nearly took me head off. And that's not even gettin' into their crazed fighters hackin' apart anythin' that came their way. I saw one of 'em tear a man clean in half, ripped him right down the middle. By the time I got outta that fight, they'd covered most'a the city in gore. I was lucky ta get out with me head still attached."   "Whoa. Why were you fighting them?"   "Fightin' 'em? No kid, I was fightin' on their side!"


Admiral   Captains   Ships' Officers   Crew   Civilians

Public Agenda

Listed in no particular order, the objectives of the Fellshadow Fleet are: get an enormous amount of money, drink alcohol of the highest proof available, kill elves, fight the Yuan-Ti who serve Dendar, kill the sea monsters that lurk in the vicinity of their main port, and maybe develop their little empire along the way.


Majority share in an iron mine, full ownership of a saltpeter mine, one heavily fortified town, three galleons, one battleship, six sloops, a war canoe, a caravel, five cannons, an uncounted, but gratuitous, number of various weapons.


Originally, the fleet consisted of three people, Essarsin Fellshadow, Fffffffff-hothp, and Aegor Thunderblud. Shortly after deciding that three people did not properly fill out a crew, they brought on several more people. Over the course of the next few months, they continued adding to their crew, leading to the siege of the Yuan-Ti. After successfully attacking the city, they commandeered many of its resources, fully expanding into a fleet. Even still, they continue to construct new ships and hire new crew in pursuit of further building their power.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Fellshadow Privateers, Latest Scammers, Ovair's Most Wanted
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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