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The Dragons of Tolona

This group of greedy villains is headed (and named) by Xenon Draganov, a man notorious for his ability to kill enemies in cold blood and then move on to dinner with his family as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. Xenon Draganov puts his family above anything he does. He loves his wife and children and will do anything to keep them safe, including creating a criminal organisation.   The Dragons of Tolona were created when Xenon's wife, Lulu Donella, had just given birth to the couple's first child. Matthew Maria Draganov was born with an intersex variation that required immediate surgery to allow the baby to pee normally. Unfortunately, the surgeon was not on a good day, and the surgery almost killed little Matthew Maria. Xenon was not pleased, and vowed to have the surgeon's head.   Xenon ranted extensively on the internet about how Tolona was risking its people's lives with unprepared doctors and about how it obviously meant someone had to bomb the hospital to take care of those doctors before anyone else got killed (and no, Xenon did not seem to realise that bombing the hospital would likely kill the patients too). Most people dismissed his rants (as they did with most people who advocated for mass murder on public forums back in those days), but a few key individuals saw the merit (?) of his words, and friendships were formed.   Over the next few months, Xenon and his wife Lulu Donella suffered the agonising uncertainty of having their child's life hang on a delicate balance in the hands of doctors who had nearly failed to protect said life. Every day Matthew Maria remained in the neonatal ICU, Xenon vowed revenge and ranted away on his computer. The friendships with those other internet strangers who advocated mass murder of the local health service grew stronger. They met in person in a shady cafe just as Matthew Maria was going through another operation to repair the damage made by the first.   Xenon met five new people in the cafe that day. The most important of them was a woman named Nay Tur Wild, a local business woman of moderate income who had made the headlines in the previous year for giving birth to sextuplets. She had plenty of grievances against Tolona's public health system, including a suspicion that her multiple pregnancy had not been as much of an accident as the doctors claimed.   Nay Tur showed Xenon and the other people at the meeting a mysterious shard of glistening rock. She claimed it came form the Tolona Wall and held the key to incredible powers. Apparently one such power was that of maximum fertility, which explained not only her sextuplets, but the quintuplets and quadruplets born to two other unsuspecting couples in the past year. All the families affected lived in the same suburb at the foot of the Tolona Wall. Nay Tur was sure the events were linked.   Xenon paid some attention to Nay Tur's story, though he admittedly spaced out once she stopped talking about the powers of the glistening rock to babbled on about babies instead. Xenon wanted to know more. He wanted to see the rock's power.   Long story short, once Nay Tur did a little demonstration of what the glistening rock could do, Xenon knew his new life goal was to get as many of those glistening rocks as he could get his hands on. They would make him so powerful he would be able to take over the world (though he wasn't that bothered about actually doing it, because of its cliche reputation and because he was now a father and his kid was definitely more important than the billions of faceless masses that roamed the planet). Also, the glistening rocks were pretty. They would make the ideal gift for his equally pretty wife.   And so the Dragons were born. Their aim: to collect every fragment extracted from the Tolona Wall. Or kill trying.
Illicit, Other
Alternative Names
"The Dragons" (nickname), "Draganovettes" (for internal use only)
Notable Members

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