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Organization is considered by Imperium of Karadia to be one of semi-perpetual threats. It doesn't matter how many times it is completely expunged from the world, it will always resurrect few years later, simply because there is a demand for its services... and because there is also a deeper, well hidden, supernatural reason.   Organization is a well organized and trained group of professionals that earn money by operating in a magical anomaly known as Valley of Ashes. They are considered a major threat for imperial operations there, launching hit & run raids on transports going to and from the mines that are exploited by using criminal labour, stealing both metals and minerals (sometimes of rather substantial value) and freeing certain prisoners. They also exploit the anomaly itself, gathering aether, alchemical ingredients and daemons (of rather evil character) they then sell to a highest bidders.   With the Valley of Ashes located in the middle of nowhere and Organization having made deals with some mountain elf tribes that inhabit said nowhere, permanent crack down of them is more than unlike. It can be temporarily taken down (or just collapse on itself if they somehow unleash something terrible on themselves) but sooner or later another, similar organization with the same name replaces it, taking over its abandoned labs and outposts.


It is divided internally into three parts - Department of Research, Department of Protection and Department of Exploration. The first one deals with analyzing things brought from anomaly and ensuring that it can be sold for highest possible money. The second is supposed to defend Organization's labs and other instalation from Imperial Army's Auxilliary and daemons and beasts that roam the Valley of Ashes. Third is supposed to search through the anomaly, trying to gather things for Department of Research to study and sell.
Illicit, Syndicate


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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
10 Jul, 2018 17:10

That name is damn meta!

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

10 Jul, 2018 18:35

Almost older than universe itself, I made the place it operates in as a location for a PBF campaign. It kinda stuck and... I think I was influence by some book or a game with similar 'naming sense' but I no longer remember what it was xD