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PARROT, Activity Division

The PARROT organisation is a syndicate of various warriors and engineers who are known for regularly causing large scale attacks on Pegroniax. They are notorious as a mysterious group of unknown criminals who appear out of nowhere, attempting to destroy Pegroniax. This is mostly the work of the Activity Division, a subset of PARROT workers who actually do the actions of attacking Pegroniax. It is suspected that the Activity Division consists primarily of warriors.  

List of Activities

  Because of the PARROT's secrecy, very little is known about them or the Divison. However, the Pegronian Council has published a list of PARROT attacks on Pegroniax between the years 1925 and 1975 PCE. What follows is that list:   1925 PCE: Attack on the Pegronian capital, Kyûda.   1935 PCE: Large scale attack on farms in the North of Pegroniax. This caused a large famine for several years.   1956 PCE: Use of explosive materials in the Pegronian Council. This may have been an inside job as the Divison must have infiltrated the council in order to place the explosives within the council, as the council is secure.   1958 PCE: Decimation of Kyûda.   1959 PCE: Further attacks on Kyûda. Infiltrators of the Council are suspected and subsequently executed.   1961 PCE: Nuclear attacks on the farms in North Pegroniax. The missiles were launched from a location near The Free Monday Isle Federation (FMIF), allies of the PARROT organisation. Unsurprisingly, a famine was caused by this.   1964 PCE: FMIF invasion of Pegronian territorial waters. PARROT are suspected of helping them.   1973 PCE: FMIF invasion of North Pegronian farms. PARROT is suspected to be behind this.   1974 PCE: Nuclear attack on Kyûda. PARROT are suspected to have infiltated the council.
This list is gathered from the Pegronian Archives. This list is largely distrusted and disputed by the FMIF and PARROT. Cite and read with skepticism and caution.
Illicit, Syndicate
PARROT Mercenaries
Parent Organization

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