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Bloodsand Syndicate

The Phyleken Tai (Bloodsand Syndicate) are a cartel responsible for the a large portion of the drug trade across Arabys and the southern part of Aervos. The Bloodsand Syndicate also deals in smuggling, of goods and people, extortion and assassinations. Recently, the syndicate has been focusing their efforts on the drug trade, specifically on a new drug Rose Zeccanite.


One Big Family

One thing that the leader of the sydnicate, Fenric Romen believes in is the importance of family. Because of that he modelled the syndicate with family in mind. The head of the syndicate is referred to as NyPaton, or the Allfather. They oversee all activities and lead the syndicate. Anyone that is ranked underneath the Allfather or the head of subordinate organisations are addressed by Ketlan or Ketlas, which translates to older brother or sister. A low rank member of the syndicate are referred to Lan or Las.


What has allowed the Phyleken Tai to prosper with little resistance from the law is the fact that the leader of the Syndicate is also the leader of House Romen, one of the governing houses in the Suay Concord. This discourages the other houses from taking any noticeable action against the Syndicate, if not for the backlash of the Concord then because the fear of the wrath of the syndicate.


Fenric Romen’s cartel started as a small gang operating in a Suay city, but due his tenacity, influence, ferociousness, and psychic abilities of his wife and daughter, his power grew. When House Romen became one of the governing houses in the Suay Concord, Fenric’s cartel was able to operate almost unchallenged, and it expanded into other criminal activities as well, with the numbers growing stronger.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
Members of the syndicate are externally referred to as Sandsnakes.

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