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The Belt

The belt is a large illicit geopolitical group comprised of families and individuals located primarily in port cities on the Quetal Seas. They exert heavy influence on local governments, primarily through fear, in order to operate in illicit trades such as drug production, drug smuggling, tax evasion, people trafficking, assassinations, extortion, gambling, counterfeiting, bootlegging, piracy and blackmail, to name a few.


Belt held cities operate independently from one another most of the time, each cell under the leadership of a powerful individual or family. However the Belt is rumored to hold convocations that resemble the legislative bodies of Lagest Perendi and during times where direct leadership is found to be necessary, even elect a singular leader.

Public Agenda

While The Belt's existence is far from a secret, they have no public facing elements to formulate a portrayed agenda. However, rumors of their intentions can involve extravagant claims that they run the world's governments or economies to accusations that are closer to the truth.


The full scope of The Belt's physical assets is unknown though it is estimated that should they pool their resources they could muster a medium to small navy, a large guild of assassins, and a medium army of thugs and goons comparative to existing traditional forces. Additionally they likely possess many estates, buildings and businesses throughout Terrassa as well as a considerable amount of wealth.


Originally formed as a tax evading smuggling ring during the Lagest Perendi, The Belt were found in all major occupied cities around the Quetal Seas, forming the belt of tax free trade after which they are named. As their power and assets grew their illicit nature deepened. Bribes to local officials became commonplace, and so too did assassinations when the bribes stopped being enough. The organization survived in some fashion through the Age of Ignorance, mostly thanks to its decentralized nature. In modern days it's debated whether the group still operates at the same level of connectivity as it did in it's origin days, but it certainly remains an immensely powerful and influential non-government organisation.

Keep What Is Ours

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Syndicate, The Families

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