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The Masquerade

An Except from Inquisition report: "There are petty guilds, crime families, ad smugglers rings. Then there is the Masquerade.They're criminal royalty, a network of well connected higher ups with cash to burn controlling who knows how many of the smaller families and guilds at this point. Their presence has been confirmed in just about every major city on Heuron, even many minor ones. They probably have villages too, it wouldn't surprise me. I don't know whether to be thankful or not that they've not reached Eos yet, or at least, haven't been detected yet. They have been confirmed on Espan, however. Gods, if the Masquerade is wrapped up in this smuggling business, I'm going to need to push this higher."   Detective Gueran Haverloch, Rand, Ghenna, 137:Silence   The leading crime syndicate on the continent of Heuron, The Masquerade is an elusive, seemingly amorphous collection of various smaller instruments that build a single orchestra, with the Masquerade as the grand director. It is an interestin group, mainly operating in individual cells, some that pay homage to the greater organization, some doing its bidding with no knowledge of its connection at all. They are the great criminal puppeteers of the land, and they know it.


Theatrical in nature, the Masquerade organizes itself according to costume. The people do not know the name, or visage of their leader, making the organization even more difficult to track. Costumes and masks are protected with ferocity, and among the upper crust of the organization, identities are hidden carefully. Lower down the chain, identities are known, and while difficult, it is possible to possess more than one mask within the Masquerade.
  The Inner Sanctum
Red Death : The most prized and most feared mask within the Masquerade. The owner of the mask of Red Death is considered the leader of the Masquerade. It is a visage so well known that even the laymen stay away from any similarities to the costume. To be mistaken for Red Death, or to try to imitate them, is a easy way to earn a swift and painful death.
Illicit, Syndicate
Masks, Maskers

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