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The Pirate's Guild

Supposedly founded by Coneach 'The Black Mist' Gall of Gravellow Atoll in the height of his legendary piracy, the guild arouse at around that time and started collecting pirates. Providing a common base to do repairs, and to get help for larger attacks, The Pirates Guild grew in size and infamy.   Some say The Pirates Guild have a base in plain site, hidden by magic, while others claim that no one has found their island, because it's probably an island they say, or that if they have they've been killed or became pirates. Some strange roumers claim it's actually hidden under a magical waterfall inside a mountain. Regardless, no one knows for sure where or what the Guild's base is.   Most pirates are found and recruited after a few note worthy attacks. If they are selected as a candidate they are then brought to an outpost and interviewed. For full admission they are given 3 hard tasks to prove their loyalty and skill, and if they succeed they are shown the true base.   When a ship is attacked by the guild, if they don't take the ship to keep, they always leave one person alive to tell the terrible tale and spread fear of the Pirates Guild. In more recent time various nations have banded together and have had their navies patrolling shipping lanes. Since the start of this the pirates guild has been on a slow decline, although many speculate they are just holding back for something big due to how much loot they must have accumulated. Still others insist the leaders are slowly sneaking back into society with their riches to live a sweet life. As with everything about the guild, much is uncertain.


A lot of ships, and an island somewhere that only pirates know about.


After the distruction of Fort Black Mist The pirates guild managed to continue on for a while, but as The Serene Key was more explored, it became harder for the pirates guild to hide and eventually it collapsed.
Guild, Privateers
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