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The Road

Lost? It's okay. You're never really lost. The Road can be mighty treacherous if you don't know where you're going or what you're doing. But that's why you always have a guide. Someone who knows their way around better than you do. Someone to coach and guide you on the best course of action.   Because you wouldn't want to make an amateur mistake while on the road would you? Sometimes people ask for a toll, but if you don't pay up, you have a knife in your belly. Sometimes people insist you pay attention when you're told to do something, and if you're not, well, it certainly won't look good for the safety of your family. And sometimes people just need a simple favour. You wouldn't be the type to not help a stranger with a favour, would you?   I didn't think so. Because you know the right road to travel down, right? Our road. The Road is long, but The Road will make sure your way is safe while you try to get there. Now pay your toll like a good boy.


Cell-system operation, with regional units operating alongside a continental structure. Members are discussed in terms of their family, with terms like "son and daughter, sister and brother, father and mother" for ranks.

Public Agenda

Thoughtful crime. The Road only takes that which has gone off the path.


A plethora of gold, international connections with nation-states, and a few castles as well as underground guild halls. Ready access to royal figures.


People always get lost. And the roads can be a dangerous place if you're not careful. Lots of bad people like to travel too, and traveling alone isn't something mother would want now, would it?   The Road is everywhere it needs to be, and does what it needs when needed. People will come and go on the roads. But if the goods are fair, and the toll is paid, then you have nothing to worry about eh? Safe travels.

Stay on the road.

Illicit, Syndicate
Notable Members
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