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The ethnic majority throughout Ezo.

The Yamato are an old people, they might even argue that they are one of the oldest human civilizations. Their ways and traditions have extended down through thousands of years of patience and virtue, and some rare families can date back their family trees nearly 3000 years.   It is this historical precedent that makes the Yamato so unique. With such long, well documented history, and strict ideals and traditions that are heavily enforced culturally, the society of Yamato and Ezo has remained distinct and unbending for many an age, and will likely continue on for many more.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Surnames are usually spoken first, followed by given names.


Common Etiquette rules

Bowing and genuflecting is common.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Visiting temples is frequent, especially for festival days. Religion is casually worshiped, because of the complex nature of the spiritual world.

Funerary and Memorial customs

A wake is held as soon as possible. Then the body is marched to the nearest shrine, where it is given a special name by the shrine keepers. The body is then cremated.


Beauty Ideals

Slim bodies for both men and women.

Gender Ideals

Genders are scene as equal.

Courtship Ideals

Romantic marriages are most common, but arranged marriages still exist in aristocratic communities.

Relationship Ideals

Whoever is most dominant in the relationship takes the reigns of a relationship's affairs, while the other accepts a submissive role as housekeeper. Two dominant people in a relationship is rare.

Major organizations

Belief in the Eidolons and The Vestiges.

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