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Naming Traditions

Family names

Surname is presented first, then given name.

Other names

Clan names are sometimes used in the presence of a surname, but also sometimes included before or after a given name.


Common Taboos

Premarital sex, vices and indulgences, gambling, relations with races that are not human or elf.


Beauty Ideals

Typical communities value hardiness and healthy bodies based on athleticism. Others prefer the elven aesthetic of slender and spindly bodies. Many aristocrats favour larger, thicker bodies to show wealth through the physical form.

Gender Ideals

Heteronormative relationships are preferred, but pansexuality is allowed if kept under wraps.

Courtship Ideals

Formal marriage, ideally based on wealth of families and their political interrelations, with large families.

Relationship Ideals

Formal and conservative, not to be consumated until marriage, although this is frequently impractical.
Diverged ethnicities


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