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Alcamo Family

One of the "five families" in the Capital City of Kord, the Alcamo family is unquestionably the most ruthless, the most violent, and the most feared. Although the ruling family, the Sorranos, have warred with the Alcamos many times in the past, there currently exists a negotiated peace, though none can say how long it will last, as the Alcamos are almost constantly looking to expand their territory in the city. Most often, the Alcamos engage in battle with one of the other three families, deeming it a safer option than going after the Sorranos, but the recent negotiated peace called for a ceasefire of sorts between all of the five families. However, times are tense, and it won't take much to set things off once again.


The head of the Alcamo Family is Silvio Alcamo. His sons, Bruno and Aldo, tend to the day-to-day operations of the family while their father tends to be consulted with more than anything at this point. The family employs many individuals, including bodyguards, assassins, collectors, a chief advisor, and others. The Alcamos also have business associates located across the Capital City of Kord and Kingdom of Sorrano, and have connections with many more groups and individuals unknown to anyone but the family.

Public Agenda

The Alcamos present themselves as a political alternative to the Sorranos, as well as a family who can provide protection and enforcement for those who cannot or choose not to go to more reputable places and persons for assistance. More than anything, members of the Alcamo family will say that they are businesspeople.


The Alcamos have property all over the Capital City of Kord and here and there throughout the Kingdom of Sorrano, though their holdings in the Capital City of Kord are highly localized to their territory in the eastern end of the city closest to the Heart River. While they are not a military organization and don't have any troops, per se, the Alcamos are more than capable of holding their own in a fight, and have caused considerable death and harm throughout the kingdom whenever wars between the families have broken out. The family has considerable wealth and business holdings, and maintain a private port in the northeast section of the Capital City of Kord through which they are able to trade in all manner of legal and illegal goods.

"You're on the wrong side of the river."

Political, Family
Alternative Names
The Alcamos


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