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When we woke up we saw that all 10 guards, who were on the second watch were wrapped up nicely and also gagged with their own socks. A sight to behold, but not a fun one, as this also meant that we, one of the 12 groups tasked with the transportation of the Lakring, a powerful artifact, were robbed. This didn't mean that we had lost the Ring because no one knew with wich convoy it traveled, so the odds of it still arriving at Fort Filb were still pretty good. When we questioned the people who were on watchduty they all said they saw nothing, they heard nothing, but then something blunt hit them and they went unconcious. Everyone told the same story, which of course didn't make it more believeable, as they had all sworn an oath to be loyal to the King and were some of the best and most disciplined warriors of the entire Kingdom. The General ordered us to continue our journey to Fort Filb and hope, that the Ring would have been in one of the other convoys.


They are a very small group and they have no leader. There's also no structure that organizes their work, no chain of command.

Öffentliche Agenda

Steal everything that has been claimed to be impossible to steal or is just very hard to get.


They work of almost no assets other than what they steal, although most things they stole never ever surfaced again.


There once was a well known group of thieves who stole the royal scepter of the king of Abten, while he held an audition in his throne room, and got away with it. When they returned the scepter unnoticed, they also left behind an ouroborous marking engraved into the large spherical crystal, which was at the top of the scepter.

Be keen, be bold.

Adventuring Party
Alternative Namen
The Snakes,

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