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The Raptor Raiders: Thieves from the Sky

Falcons, Eagles, Hawks and Owls

Written by Phoenix Arrow

A loud screech. A flap of wings. The sounds that bring terror to the birds of the Ten Tribes- the sounds announcing the arrival of the Raptor Raiders.   These massive robbers- owls, hawks, eagles, and falcons- are the fear of the Great Forest. These huge, savage birds swoop down from out of nowhere, making off with food, eggs, and sometimes young chicks. No one knows the fate of the young ones that are taken, and no one dares attempt to find out.   The Raptor Raiders make their home in the mountain ring that surrounds the Great Forest. While a few of the clans sometimes attempt to fight them off, they are simply too large, fierce, and dangerous to stop. The more sensible clans just hunker down and wait until the raiders leave, often carrying stolen food and possibly captured chicks back to their shabby nests in the mountains.   The Raptor Raiders wear metal helmets and blades over their talons while on raids. A few higher-ups wear leaf-thin, clawed, metal covers over their wings, carefully engineered to still enable flight. The raptors are savage, but civilized, with small villages scattered through the mountain ring. Their metalworking surpasses anything the Ten Tribes have, often engraved and inlaid with patterns and pictures, albeit frightening ones. 216   Raids can happen at almost any time, but they are most common in summer, just after the annual Gathering. A few of the fiercest raids occur in winter, and the owls have been known to do night robberies. The falcons are particularly vicious when they raid the waterbirds, such as the Duck or Goose clans. Hawks tend to gravitate more toward the woodland birds, and the eagles are fond of raiding the Grouse tribe, considered the most powerful.   Raptors of all ages and genders take part in the raids. Battles with the fiercest clans are considered sport by the raptors, although there have been a few younger raptors who have been killed or injured by the Sparrow clan, the most warlike of the tribes. Some raiders will not hurt the Great Forest birds if they don't get in the way, while others are merciless and cruel.   Some of the tribes have learned to bribe the Raptor Raiders to hold off a raid. Sometimes, though, the raiders will accept the bribe and then ransack the tribe anyway. The Raptor Raiders are fierce, savage, and warlike, but they are very close with their family groups. They hold large, noisy feasts after every raid, which can often lead to brawls.


Each of the four types of raptors are led by a Battlechief, who can be challenged to a fight to the death by any other raptor, male or female. The winner of the fight becomes the new Battlechief.

Public Agenda

The raptors are not an extremely organized group. They raid the birds because it's what they've always done, not because of any deep-rooted hatred for the Ten Tribes.


The raptors' mountain nests are nearly impregnable. They are also extremely skilled metalworkers.


The raptors have no defined history. They mark periods with battles and the overthrowing of a Battlechief, but beyond that, they ignore the past almost completely.
Alternative Names
The Raptor Raiders are known as "Screeches" by the Sparrow clan.

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