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The Kozegard Syndicate

"Here's my advice for you son- never borrow money from nobody. Especially not the Kozies. I hope you understand one day why I had to do what I did."   Letter from Anton Muzilek to his son, shortly before his arrest


While people tend to refer to the Kozegard Syndicate as if it is one large organisation, it is in fact made up of multiple factions fighting for dominance. Within those factions, there will usually be a loosely military structure - one general, their llieutenants, specialists, and foot soldiers.

Public Agenda

Most factions of the syndicate will loudly and publically state they are simply citizens concerned with protecting the traditional way of life in Kozegard. They may even donate money to causes, both good and bad, that fall in line with this agenda.


The Kozegard Syndicate and all its infamous factions are seared into the imagination of the public more than any other criminal organisation.   This is not because of their "traditional" beliefs, but because of what they do to those they feel have transgressed or betrayed those beliefs.   While cut off fingers or scars can be found in many organisations across the world, the Kozegard Syndicate take it further.   Due to the religion of Kozegard being extremely unforgiving of murder, and members of the syndicate usually being deeply religiois, Kozies tend to lean towards mutilation.   Snitches have their tongues cut out. Witnesses have their eyes removed, or their ears, depending on which is more appropriate.   But the punishment saved for those who have betrayed the syndicate so completely that there is no manner in which they could make amends is often referred to as the fate worse than death.   A Kozegard Stick is the name for a victim of this practice. Firstly the victim's arms and legs are removed in their entirety, often while the victim is concious. Then their tongue, and finally their eyes. Unable to move, see, or communicate, the victims are sometimes delivered to hospital to make sure they survive.   If the crime was truly henious, then they may be kept by the general or lieutenant who was most hurt by their transgression. Police raids have found individuals being "cared" for treated like pets, with beds on the floor, food bowls, and cages.   It is said that this is a sign of the worst kind of betrayal, causing the deaths of other members of the syndicate, as their "carer" will go to great lengths to make sure the victim survives and lives with their new state as long as possible.

Without the past there is no future.

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
K Mob, Kozegard Mob

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