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The cult to revive Nadia

The most known cult and cult that people are really scared of even though they don't have the most power. The cult consists of four races dwarves, elves, humans and mind flares. There are several ranks the lowest rank is a slave, gaurd and cook the next rank is captain, magic officer, and magic workers the next highest ranks is the queen, high captain, and the queens friends. The slaves do what there told or get killed and the gaurds protect what there told and the cooks cook what they can. The captains comand the guards and the magic officers and the magic workers try to figure out about the seal and where she was sealed. The queen keeps the cult running her freinds also keep the cult running and help the queen the high captain tells what the captions should do and protects the queen. . The way they got people is underground there are evil mind flare, dwarves, and dark elves they were bored so it was easy to recruit them. There flag is a black beast with yellow eyes and a red slash is behind the beast with a yellow background. The base is under the city that roga lived in the land of beasts. They love to eat sandwiches and rations and love dragon meat. This one of the most scariest thing ever because dragons, humans, and elementals tremble in fear of this destruction. There goal is to destroy the seal on Nadia and conquer the world. People are surprised that the cult hasn't attacked at all because there are so scared thy might just hand it over.
Secret, Military
Training Level

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