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The Family

The Family is a halfling organization so synonymous with crime, that it taints the public perception of every halfling in the Wuld. While certainly not the only criminal organization in the world, the Family is by far the most well known, with houses located in every major city and operations spanning across the entire known world.


Every cell of the Family has a 'Padre,' or a 'Madre' who oversee the criminal operations. Under each of these Family heads there are a series of 'Cappos' each of who run their own operations and rackets with the permission from the Family head within their own turf. The Family head has influence and power that they can impart to their Capos in exchange for a cut of each Capo's profit. The organization is held together through mutual interest in each other's survival and Familial bonds.

Public Agenda

The Family does not thrive on chaos. They stabilize an area, even if it is to ensure profits. Because that is all they care about. Profits. Racketeering, source smuggling, heists, corporate sabotage, it matters not.


The Family came into existence after the events of the Cataclysm. The halflings were once a small peace loving race who lived almost entirely on farms or in the country. But with the destruction of the land, many halflings found themselves needing to move into more urban environments such as Simmsmout or New Atradia where they found themselves lost and without purpose.   Soon the dispossessed halflings found themselves having to steal to survive, and discovered their small stature and light steps made it easy for them. Soon organizations were built by halflings to divvy out stolen goods to those who needed them the most. However as the years marched onward and some semblance of stability was restored after the effects of the Cataclysm began to subside, these organizations continued organizing crime and their goals slowly shifted away from benefiting the poor, and benefiting themselves.   After years of internal struggle and gang wars, eventually someone known only as the Madre-dom organized a deal amongst the halfling criminal organizations in New Atradia, forming them into the group called the Family. As trade routs were made connecting the surviving settlements, the Family spread out to every major city in the known world, marking itself as the first international criminal organization of the post apocalyptic world.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
Famigilia, Obsidian Hearts, Warren Keepers
fratello, sorella, padre, madre

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