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Sanuliwani Liberation Front

Later becoming the Sanuliwani Confederacy, The Sanuliwani Liberation Front, or SLF, was the group leading the independence movement on Bond108.


Osetium Toru was the leader and organizer of the liberation front, letting people do what they had the most skill with, and largely letting individual bases/cells do their thing as long as they coordinated with each other.

Public Agenda

Indepencence for the Orisolan colonies on Bond108.


Started by Osetium Toru after his family was killed in an attack by one of the other mining companies that wanted to take over the base he worked at. Toru started asking around and seeing if anyone else was tired of the constant threat of attacks between the the mining companies that had come to make their fortune supplying material for the growing Orisolan space industry.   In particular the mega corps from /ɵβɔliporʔkɵ/ (Distopian Corporate Oligarchy) had been sending mercenaries and soldiers to guard their bases and attack each other's as well as take over smaller companies. Partly they were able to do this because they controlled the major communications and refueling station between Miller Hall and Bond System that was necessary to relay communications between Bond108 and Hofelora. This meant they were able to block most news of the conflicts from reaching Hofelora and were easily able to send more soldiers to their bases escalating the conflict.   Osetium Toru found support among the colonists and some of the guards, and started organizing. After he was sure the people where he was stationed supported him mostly, he started reaching out to other bases taking trips around, and to the capitol gauging support. When he was ready, he declared the Sanuliwani Confederacy starting the The Sanuliwani War for Independence.   In a cordinated uprising, all the nearby mining bases, and the largest Oriso city on Bond108, _______, rose up and quickly took control. They then preceded to start taking over the island and capturing as many space ship, and anti air batteries as possible to defend against invasions.

"Through Freedom, Peace"

Illicit, Rebel
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