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VantageGround Assets

"Get the good parts! Get them for cheap! That's what they said, isn't it?"

If you are looking for high quality, high performance parts, this clan is already awaiting your order. Their high-end armament and equipment is sought after by individuals and clan people alike. They will gladly hand out powerful cannons and other cutting-edge parts - as opposed to other arms dealers, for easily affordable prices. But whereas a part really belongs to the buyer with other dealers, this clan's parts come with a catch.   Any customer doesn't actually own them. They make the buyers sign a contract - any "owner" of their parts is liable to make regular payments to the clan to be allowed to keep the part. Anyone who can't pay has to give it back; if they refuse, it will be taken back by force.   Even though many buyers do the math and realize that in the long run, they'll pay more compared to when they'd simply buy a part off another supplier for a one-off price, but when you're as poor as most, your options are limited.


The clan functions much like a regular traders guild. Their mechanics are extremely skilled and new technology and improvements for their products are constantly being worked on. The biggest difference to regular dealers is that they also have special units in their ranks - the Collectors are specifically trained to hunt down contracted customers and collect their debt.

Public Agenda

They make sure to keep up a positive public image. They advertise their services as good value and many of their customers actually recommend them - at least those who aren't fully aware of the potential consequences of the contract they signed.   For many, the price seems reasonable. Other merchants sell the same or worse parts for much higher prices, or hog them all for themself. This leads to a certain desperation; if having the lesser equipment means a more likely death, if every little advantage counts, the clan's services are extremely tempting. Their conditions seem fair enough. And just paying a little fee every once in a while should not be a great problem, no?


All kinds of weapons and accessories are amassed, either buying them, acquiring them through their part-spotter squads, or producing them themselves. To be able to reclaim them in the worst case, each of their parts is outfitted with a small tracking device, which, when attempted to be removed, will brick the part.

Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
IOU (I Own You) Co. - nickname given by unhappy customers; VGA
Related Ranks & Titles
Where to find them
The VGA's territory is located at the border between the East and the South. They trade with both regions, servicing outposts in either direction. Their headquarters is known to be an impenetrable fortress in deep in the heart of their large lands, but the outer regions and smaller settlements are easily accessable and open for visitors.


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