Part-Spotter Squads

A type of unit that is usually found in trader clans. Their name is a nice way of saying that they look for parts to steal from free teams, if anything desirable is spotted. Sometimes, even members of free teams own valuable equipment, after all. And just killing them and taking that equipment is free, as opposed to having to buy it off them.



Squads typically consist of 8 to 10 fighting vehicles. They are supported by a small number of supply vehicles such as trucks and Tank Recovery Vehicles, which help with claiming and transporting the loot.


Most of these squads possess high-end equipment, supplied by their clan.


Part-spotter squads have been around for as long as there have been clans. The first squads were recruited from clanspeople, but over time, independent teams realized the profitability of this occupation. This led to countless instances of free teams selling themselves as mercenary squads, a trend that is still going on.
Overall training Level
In my defense, I think most people would have reacted this way if they came to a trading post and these guys tried to sell you your own parts.
— a victim to the firing squad


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