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In the Hummelverse computers were developed much sooner, which led to the creation of artifical intelligence. Those AIs were used in all kinds of machines, for example factories, but also vehicles like cars, planes, ships, trains, and tanks.   The AIs reached intelligence levels similar to humans during WW2. The Cold War followed, but other than in our world, the countries started WW3. Atomic bombs were fired, and in the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse, humanity went extinct.   Only the machines remained, which are now fighting each other in a neverending war for resources and land.   There is not much left of civilization - towns and cities are in ruins, country borders are forgotten, traditions were abandoned, knowledge and technology was lost. Only the territories of the clans still have semblance of infrastructure and industry, but in the wake of constant battles, rebuilding has to start over before it can even be finished.   The no-man's-land outside of their territories is a wild and hostile place, where the only rules are those self-imposed ones enforced by the leaders and communities of the free teams that wander through the known world, forever in pursuit of power and bare survival.  

The Hummelpost

I'm making a free online magazine for the Hummelverse and the Tanking League story. Check it out below or see this article for more info!  

Hummelpost Vol. THREE

Hummelpost Cover Vol3

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I released the SRD for my tabletop RPG system HUMMEL QUEST. It's set in the Hummelverse!

You can find the SRD here!


Table of Contents

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  • Map of Regions of the Known World

    The Known World, divided into its respective regions. Note that these regions' boundaries are only approximate - their exact location and expanse depends on who you ask. The region names are commonly understood, though.

  • Map of The North

    (WIP) Map of the North's approximate current expanse, showing notable bases and landmarks.

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