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The sun is setting in the West, as the scarecrow is chased by the bird. The leveret colludes with the snare in the dead of night. Before the dawn, the revenant sets out to kill the immortal.
  RENEGADE is a novella set in the Hummelverse that follows the protagonist, an MBT known as the "Scarecrow" in a first person perspective. They first appeared in a short story that establishes their old age, memory issues, and mostly passive role as a tank that wanders the lands without trying to interfere too much with the lives of the other machines around them. This changes when a stranger approaches them and claims to act on behalf of someone the Scarecrow wronged in the past.   The story will contain 10* chapters and is currently being written. At the time of publishing this article, it has 5 finished chapters that are posted publicly. New chapters are being released as they are written. Once finished, the story will be available as an ebook (purchase and free download options) and possibly printed paperback book (purchase only).  


That someone turns out to be an MBT as well, and that means whoever it may be, he has the means to actually pose a threat to the Scarecrow's life. The problem is that they don't remember anything about the supposed incident that took place.   Suddenly, they are forced to move and to act if they want to avoid falling victim to the bloody revenge of an inconsolable enemy. Because even as they manage to figure out what they are accused of, it becomes abundantly clear that nothing they could possibly do to make amends could convince the mysterious vengeful individual to forgive them. The only way of putting an end to their one-sided feud is the death of either the Scarecrow or the stranger, but the latter is too elusive to simply find and kill. The Scarecrow, on the other hand, is simply too well-known around the inhabitants of all the places they visit to hide in any one location for long. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as they have no choice but to run from an invisible, but seemingly omnipresent threat.   And as if that wasn't enough trouble to deal with already, they are pestered by a little light tank following them around like the rudest lost puppy the Known World has ever seen... on top of a panicking populace as an enigmatic "Black Death" shows up to terrorize the entire region. Of course, all of these problems quickly turn out to be more intimately related than just randomly occuring all at the same time, and to solve even one of them, the Scarecrow first has to find a way to solve all of them.


Click the "READ" button that appears when hovering over the book cover to access the story.
*Some of the chapters are split up into multiple parts, so the chapter count does not directly correspond to the actual number of chapters.
Written and illustrated by artyrambles. Some chapters contain edits and writing by Resartus.


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