Animation Showcase

Welcome to the animation showcase, a place where you can find a selection of my short animations related to the Hummelverse and its characters (and also some fanart). You can also find them on my Youtube channel here.

Something To Fight For

Featuring: Eject, Fox, Rex  

Vibe Check

Featuring: Angler  

War Has Changed

Featuring: Eohelm, Goggles, Fox  

A Leisurely Drive

Featuring: Inferno  

oh my god, they were teammates........

Featuring: Eject, GW Panther  

Steel Trail (Intro)

Featuring: -  


Any GIFs I made that aren't full videos.
Part of the flashback sequence from "War Has Changed".
Apollo GIF
Fanart of a Livastian character (not Hummelverse).
Fang is an innocent angel.


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1 Sep, 2020 05:26

These are great!

Author of Fillimet, bright fantasy land of possibilities
1 Sep, 2020 06:30

Thank you Angela! I had a lot of fun making them.

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