"PURGATORY! They will BURN!"

Whenever there's the need for nothing but scorched earth remaining, Inferno is summoned.
His name suggests it already - he loves burning things, the sound and sight of fire and explosions.   His passion also shows in his combat strategy - all of his units are equipped with a number of flamethrower tanks, additionally to regular ones. They make sure that every battlefield turns into a burning pandemonium. He is particularly partial to them, usually treating them better than the others in an everyday context.   Not that he would use them with any more regard than the rest of his forces. To him, every soldier is expendable. Joining the Legion gave him virtually infinite replacements for the lives he sacrifices carelessly.   He does not care about the power or fame that come with being a high-ranking general. All that matters to him is being able to live out his need for thoughtless destruction. Armageddon isn't always pleased with Inferno's wasteful use of resources, but has been condoning it so far because the general's strategy of just throwing hordes of tanks into battle (effectively employing machine wave tactics), and caring little who returns as long as they kill enough enemies is evidently successful.  
Burning traitors
Commanding and abrasive tone. Very demanding, authoritarian. Questioning his orders or failure to carry them out the way he intended are a direct way to cruel punishment. Patience is a foreign word to him; Inferno is prone to outbursts of anger when things don't go his way. Will make seemingly arbitrary decisions, which however make perfect sense in his own mind. Anyone who had to deal with him would describe him as unstable, but the people he most closely surrounds himself with do not mind it all that much - or at least pretend they don't. Despite his capricious temper, he follows orders given to him by people he sees as his superiors; which are few.
— Notes transmitted to Armageddon prior to their first personal meeting

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

He wears special paint - Sulfur's grimace glares from his bow. Inferno feels a strong connection to the deity and shows this off unabashedly, something that is generally considered a taboo or at least poor taste. He doesn't care about any supposed bad luck that people tell him it will bring, believing that his devotion will have the opposite effect.

Specialized Equipment

Additionally to his cannon, he has equipped himself with a coaxial flamethrower.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He has been a general of Armaggeddon's army for a while now. It's not a secret how he joined, although the exact circumstances are not widely known. According to his own - admittedly disjointed - accounts, he was the leader of a team before his time with the Legion. As they came to take his territory, he was furious; he proceeded to defeat more than one of their units, and Armageddon took notice of him.   Inferno was approached by a messenger who was supposed to warn him about interfering with the Legion's business any further - whom Inferno promptly killed. Sending back the messenger's burnt turret as a sign of his disregard, he let them know that he had no intentions of desisting.   Instead of being enraged, Armageddon was impressed by the ferocious response. As a test of Inferno's ability and potential, Armageddon sent a task force that managed to defeat his team, if with great difficulty. The task force's orders were to make him an offer to join them if he did sufficiently well in the battle - he begrudgingly accepted it.   Since he wasn't just a regular member, however, he was assigned the leader of a specialized unit right away. Despite the following victories, he wasn't satisfied with this and did something that others wouldn't dream about - he demanded to see Armageddon and have a talk.   No one but him had expected that Armageddon would actually allow this, but not only did he invite Inferno to his headquarters, he also had news for him: The pyromaniac was promoted to a general ... that is, after Armageddon kicked his rear first.   Inferno acknowledged this and set out to assemble the force he leads today.
Currently Held Titles
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
This area was marked for extermination by our great Lord Armageddon. For the ones joining us for the first time today, let me explain what it means: No prisoners. No survivors. No remains.   For every enemy that gets away, one of you will be terminated - I don't care who. Now get to your positions. Fire on my command.   I want to see their burning hulls light up this night!
— General Inferno addressing Unit 37-40 before the Battle of Iron Hollow

Arson is legal and it's the only way to get into heaven.


Author's Notes

2nd February 2019 - Gave article a complete facelift. Fixed typos. Added quote, songs, and physical description.
18th September 2019 - Added new image in the footer, moved one of the quotes and removed some one-liners.

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"Whenever there's the need for only scorched earth remaining, Inferno is summoned." - the phrasing in the beginning is a bit clunky in the way you arrange your words. Perhaps consider "Whenever an area is to be abandoned and scorched earth tactics employed, Inferno is summoned forth."   As a note on this: Scorched earth is an existing phrase most commonly known as a military term for when a region is abandoned to an advancing enemy after deliberately destroying all valuable resources on it. So did you pick the term intentionally with that in mind?   "Not that he would use them with any more regard than the rest of his forces, though." - Since this is a new paragraph, I'd use "these units" rather than a pronoun here. Also, the "though" is rather superfluous in this sentence, it works perfectly without it, and it doesn't add any emphasis at the end.   "just throwing hordes of tanks into battle and caring little who returns" - Just an idea here: In human warfare, this tactic is called "human wave tactics". Perhaps you could make a cool pun of it like this: "employing machine wave tactics, caring little who returns".   "Very demanding [...]" - this whole part is mal-phrased, but it does fit the general tone and phrasing of a dossier written by a military man as a memo to his superiors, so what I would recommend is: Write something like "Dossier: Inferno" or "A Memo on the Unit Inferno" as a header above this paragraph (or make the paragraph a quote with something like that as the author line.) You could even mention who wrote it.   "Instead of enraged, Armageddon was impressed by the ferocious reponse." - consider "Instead of being enraged,..." Also: you got a typo in "response"
  Man, this tank reminds me of Daleks. I love Daleks. What an excellent character description, I really enjoyed reading it ^-^   As a broad recommendation: You generally have nice headers, and this one is especially pretty. You also have quite a bit of empty space in your sidebar. With very few effort, you could add article blocks of the already linked articles into that blank space, and they would greatly improve the look, formatting, and interactivity of your article. I'd add "Armageddon", "Heavy Tanks", and "The Legion" as article blocks.   Then you'd likely have a little bit of space left, which you could use for a quote from Infrno ^-^ You know, something like:
"This area has been marked for extermination. It is our good fortune that it is also inhabited. Ready the flamethrowers and begin with the first ballistic attack. I will terminate one random unit from your ranks for every tank that manages to get away. Fire when ready."
— Inferno to Unit 37-1 Before the Victory at PLACENAME

1 Feb, 2019 15:19

Thank you for the detailed feedback!! This also showed me that I forgot to apply some of my CSS to the comment section haha.   Now that you point it out, you're right that my intro sentence is clunky, I'll try to figure something out. Your suggestion sounds a bit too "fancy" for the tone of the rest of the article I think. The similarity with scorched earth tactics is actually coincidental. I think that led to a misunderstanding - Inferno is sent on offensive missions. He's the guy you send when you really want to make sure that nothing is left of the enemy and their fortifications after his visit.   I'll remove the "though" and make the change on the forces sentence.   Machine wave tactics sounds fun, though I feel it might need an explanatory note for those not familiar with the real world equivalent. I will think about it.   The dossier thing is a cool idea. I think I should definitely transform that paragraph into a quote or note of sorts.   Thanks for pointing out the typo in response, will fix. I wasn't sure if the "being" was necessary here, so I left it out, but I guess I can add it.  

  I'm very glad you like him! Inferno is one of my faves, I really enjoy coming up with ideas for him and I hope I'll get to actually writing him into my stories soon. He is planned to show up in the sequel of my current story, so it will still take a while.   I drew this header myself, I'm very proud of it. :D You're right that the sidebar is pretty boring ... It's basically the "standard" sidebar I do on my character articles, but I could definitely make it a bit more interesting by implementing your suggestions. I'll also include a song that I associate with him.   I like your quote, especially the last sentence. Though I feel it could use a bit more Chaotic energy. Is it okay if I modify it a bit and include it? c:

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1 Feb, 2019 16:02

Of course, cannibalize it if you want :D   I'm glad I could be of help ^-^   I think he could make an absolutely excellent recurring villain. You know, appearing from time to time with his unit of death and forcing the group to high-tail it. Of course his reputation would have to precede him...   As for the machine wave tactics, you could just use the tooltip function to clear it up in style :3   When you say "the last sentence", do you mean the "Fire away" or the casual threat? xD Because I am proud of that threat; it emblemizes the general feel your article gave me for your character ^-^  

I care not for their functioning, only their function. If fear motivates them, then fear is the hammer I wield.
  Feel free to use/modify that one as you please as well <3

1 Feb, 2019 21:09

I plan on him being a very serious threat for the protagonists. :D Not constant, but he does show up and cause mayhem a couple of times. I already have his introduction written (which the drawing in the article body is a parody of).   Tooltip is a good idea!   Oops my bad, I meant the threat part, yep. It totally sounded like something he'd say. The new quote is also a very interesting one - something that I would probably put in the personality traits section of his D&D character sheet if he had one.

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Yeah, definitely has a FATE aspect kind-of feel to it :D

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