Heavy Tanks

This class consists of the toughest of the tanks. Often seen as dense and single-minded, they actually possess similar cognitive intelligence as other classes - it is simply centered around their main purpose: brute force warfare.   A heavy tank that seems slow and dense in some contexts may possess a sharp wit when it comes to strategic thinking or even social skills; as it is their nature to observe friend and foe closely in battle, some of them have learned to "weaponize" that talent in their social relations outside of fights.   On the other hand, they may be clumsy and clueless in other fields of expertise, much to the annoyance of their teammates of other classes.

Basic Information


Generally heavily armoured and sluggish, with exceptions.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Heavy tanks usually guzzle large amounts of fuel, as their strong engines require a lot of it.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

In heavy tanks, many wheels are seen as aesthetically pleasing.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Heavy tanks and SPGs tend to not go together well as SPGs are their "natural predators" of sorts.

Related Ethnicities


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