In the Hummelverse, tanks rule the known world.

They are the most common type of sentient machine and rule over the other machines - with the exception of the neutral factories.   A tank’s typical day consists of a lot of resting. They nap a lot to conserve energy. When awake, scouts are assigned to look for threats or teams that their own team could attack.   Tanks tend to have backward ideologies and morals, and it is reflected in the way they interact and their views on life. Pragmatism is widespread. New things and innovative ideas are viewed very critically.   They stick very closely to their rules and traditions that are widely accepted and enforced. The two most important rules are that teamkilling is forbidden - offenders are exiled - and that abandoning your team means you are considered a traitor and fair game. What exactly counts as breaking the rules differs from team to team, though. Some cases may be seen as forgivable by one team, while another team might issue harsh punishment.   The life expectancy of the average tank is very low; a lot of them die very soon after being constructed. The older a tank gets, the more likely they are to survive even longer, as their experience and acquired skill helps them in battles. However, a tank is already considered "old" when it manages to live for 20 years or more. Anyone above 40 to 50 years is considered a veteran. Very few cases of tanks that lived beyond 80 years are known.   At these ages, an additional issue is that their AI Cores have become more susceptible to malfunction and disease. Tanks become forgetful, eccentric, or in many cases simply lose their mind. This is commonly associated with a condition called Mindrot, which - in essence - means these things. This leads to tanks rarely living beyond 90 years. If they somehow managed not to get killed in a battle so far, their minds begin to fall apart until they die.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Tanks usually don't have family names as this tradition was abandoned over time, but some older ones still do.

Other names

There are three main types of tank names - fantasy names, trivial names, and nouns.


Major language groups and dialects

English and Russian are the most commonly spoken languages in the known world. Besides this, there is also Tank Runes.

Culture and cultural heritage

Many cultural leftovers from the humans are still present among the vehicles. They use words and phrases like "face" or "on the other hand" even though they make little sense to a contemporary tank.   The cultural values of tanks vary greatly between the generations. Since most tanks don't live long, cultural traits die as quickly as they are re-invented. Even when they get passed down generations, it is usually only locally. Therefore, one will find many different sub-cultures when travelling through the land.   Each of these sub-cultures have their own traditions, additionally to the more universal ones. While those are also subject to rapid change, they are perceived as persistent and imperative.

Common Etiquette rules

Most tanks are very mistrustful of others. (Of course there’s also gullible ones, but they tend not to live long.) It’s normal when someone acts downright gruff, especially towards strangers. While some things that would be seen as rude in our world are acceptable behaviour among tanks, the lines are drawn at threatening others or pointing one's cannon directly at someone when looking at / speaking to them.
  Referring to someone by their name is reserved for tanks who are close to each other (friends, siblings, partners, ...) and may otherwise be seen as respectless. Instead, tanks address each other by their model designations, unless there is ambiguity, in which case nicknames are used.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Deceased teammates are usually not buried. Most of the time, their parts are salvaged to be used by teammates in need or sold.

Common Myths and Legends

Humans are often believed to merely be fairytale creatures who never really existed. Others believe they still live hidden somewhere. There are elaborate belief systems that involve mythical vehicles and factories. Not everyone believes in them, but their names and stories are widely known. Due to the lack of contemporary witnesses, historical facts and accounts are distorted and even outright replaced with fantasy stories.


Gender Ideals

All genders are widely accepted; a tank's gender is indicated by a special symbol on their armour.

Gender Markings

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are common but usually discouraged. The concept of marriage exists, but is uncommon especially among younger generations.


Tanks are carrying around a lot of stuff and constantly modifying themselves to have a better chance at survival. Especially outside the clans, there’s mix-and-matching, just using whatever is available for upgrading and maintaining their bodies. Clan people tend to have a more "clean" appearance since they don't need to take whatever they can get and can afford to care about aesthetics.

Articles under Tanks


The events that led to the creation and the rise of the machines.

  • 1941 - 1946

    Early Stages
    Era beginning/end

    Mobile artillery is the first to be equipped with rudimentary AI.

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  • 1983

    Reaching Conscience
    Scientific achievement

    Artificial intelligence is developed to the point of being almost indistinguishable from human sentience.

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  • Year Zero

    The Legacy
    Military action

    Tanks and the other machines fight on after humankind's extinction and start World War III.

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  • Year 22

    The Bombs
    Disaster / Destruction

    The vehicles start a second nuclear apocalypse and their civilization crumbles.

    Additional timelines

Era of War


The world is torn in a neverending battle for resources and bare survival.


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