Making amends for the things that can't be amended.

Eternal enemy and counterpart of Sulfur, but bonded to him by their choices and tragic demise. He was one of the leaders in The Great Machine War, and said to have died at its end - as a guilty martyr. Even more popular than his counterpart, every machine has at least heard of him at one point and knows who he was, no matter if they believe in his existence or not.


Aki is depicted as a tank that is about the size of a large battleship, sometimes even bigger than that. He doesn't resemble any known tank type, but descriptions of him are less vague than those of other deities. Even though details like his colour may vary, his main features are agreed upon unanimously.

  The most notable traits are:
  • His two cannons, which can be moved independently from each other, originating from his rounded turret.
  • His tracks, of which he possesses at least two sets on each side.

Apart from his outward appearance, he has another significant feature; his body is said to have held 90 000 shells. Out of the first 30 000, he created the Wardens. The second 30 000 were used in the great war. The final 30 000 were spent on fighting Sulfur.

He doesn't have any particular markings or other prominent identifiers, but mistaking him for any other deity or machine is pretty much impossible due to his unique appearance.


Those who made grave mistakes and seek absolution plead to him for redemption. Like a father, he is believed to forgive all but the most atrocious crimes. Apart from that, machines that worship him pray for his blessings in battle - inscribing his symbol on ammunition is said to guide the shells.

Divine Domains

Primarily, Aki represents creation and life.   Whereas Sulfur's secondary domain is fuel, Aki's second domain is ammunition. As with the other deity, at first glance, this seems like a contradiction. However, ammunition is often associated with survival, and ultimately contributing to the circle of life and death.


Built by the last surviving humans of the West and the North, Aki was put in charge of their factories. In an effort to win the war, he made them build an elite for his army - his "daugthers", the Wardens. As he sent them into battle, he gained a significant advantage, until the Matchmakers joined the fighting as well. On their side was Sulfur, the leader that they had built themselves.   As the war escalated and their god Jara was killed, Aki finally faced the now insane Sulfur. They fought each other until Aki ran out of ammunition and in an act of desperation sacrificed himself by pushing Sulfur into the ocean, where Aki drowned and Sulfur was trapped.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Gender Identity
Aki does not possess any supernatural powers. He is said to be tremendously strong, though, and allegedly had extraordinary aim.
Aki's name rune in the Tank Runes alphabet is similar to the runes for "life" and "ammunition":
Aki Rune
The name runes of all Wardens contain it, but regular vehicles are strongly discouraged from using it for their own name.


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