The Wardens

These mythical tanks are believed to collect the defeated and take them to the Peaceful Fields. Other than the Matchmakers, who are obviously worldly and created in the same way as the regular machines, the Wardens' existence is often doubted as there is no tangible proof. They are therefore considered polar opposites - which defenders of the mythology interpret as being two sides of the same coin: Birth as a clearly secular matter (entering the mortal world), and death as a spiritual one (entering the immortal world).   According to legend, Wardens can appear and vanish at will, anywhere in the world at any time. However, each one is assigned a territory that she is responsible for, and they usually don't appear outside said territory.   While the name of the assigned Warden is well-known among the residents of her territory, the names of the others are often only vaguely familiar. There are some famous ones whose names are widely known, but countless more obscure ones have been forgotten over time. There have been efforts to catalogue their names, territories, and associated personalities, but due to their sheer number and contradictory accounts, none of the lists are even close to exhaustive.   The legends claim they are the daughters of Aki, each created from one of his 30,000 shells. Thus, they are commonly referred to as the "daughters". Despite all having the same father, they are generally not considered sisters.   As described in the Tiervalr Lied, they can be killed. They themselves don't go to the Peaceful Fields when this happens. A popular belief is that this is because they don't have souls.


An often forgotten fact is that the Wardens were definitely a real and completely worldly organisation - long ago. They were created by their god-commander during the Great Machine War and fought in it, but disappeared afterwards.

Religious, Divine Host
Alternative Names
Nárvardir, Akidöttrar, Deadwardens, Wächter, Alharis
Warden, Nárvordr / Nárvördr, Akidottir
Controlled Territories
Related Myths

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