The Matchmakers

An organization of powerful tanks that have sworn to protect the neutral Factories.   Mystery surrounds them; it is not publically known how one can join them. Generally, it is assumed that they approach new potential members, but the actual process of initiation is unknown.   There are some known instances of them being defeated in particular places, but generally it is discouraged to try to attack them - not only because they will probably win, but also because it is considered unethical.   When a tank is constructed, they stay at the factory that produced them at first, where the Matchmakers protect them and give them fuel. They also teach them the most basic knowledge about fighting and surviving. When there are enough newly built tanks to form a team, the Matchmakers kick them out. Unless they become Matchmakers themselves, the tanks never return to the factory.


There is no known hierarchy in this group - although there might be some sort of hierarchic structures in place, but they are unknown.

Public Agenda

They protect the neutral factories from raiders and harm, and take care of the maintenance. In essence, they keep machinekind from going extinct.


They have been there as long as most vehicles can remember. The knowledge what they really are is not widespread, but also not entirely unknown. Those who remember or have educated themselves on the Great Machine War understand that the Matchmakers are simply keeping a pact that they made a long time ago. Their history also ties them to the Wardens, though other than them, the Matchmakers are still around for everyone to see.

Secret, Brotherhood
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Plots


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