The neutral factories are where a vehicle's life begins. They are autonomous machines with a mind of their own, and their ways are unfathomable. No one knows if they have an agenda, or what this agenda could be - be it shared or individual.   Some claim to have "talked" to them, but no one so far has been able to prove that. All attempts to control them have failed in the past. Very few factories are in clan territories, but even these clans haven't figured out how to make "their" factories work for them.   Every once in a while, factories "die" for seemingly no reason - they just stop producing new vehicles. This either happens suddenly, or production slowly phases out. Most of them never start again once they have stopped, but rare cases in which they resumed production after a long time are known. Among those who are aware of the slow but sure decline and mulling over the logical conclusion, the knowledge that one day there may be no active factories left weighs heavily on their mind; the machines don't have the necessary technology to build new factories.   Factories aren't able to keep running on their own. They require constant maintenance, fuel, and parts/materials. This task is usually taken care of by The Matchmakers. They also ensure that neutral factories aren't raided. Factories that run out of energy and fuel will die if their supply isn't restored within a very short timeframe.   A typical factory produces very low tier vehicles, no matter what raw materials are fed to it. It is believed that they have limited blueprints, but the process of "teaching" them new blueprints is unknown. Only a handful of factories produce higher tier vehicles. Due to everyone else starting at low tier, such higher tier vehicles have a very rough start in life, since everyone else on their tier has previous fighting experience.


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