Peaceful Fields

After their death, brave fighters are taken to the mythical place known as the Peaceful Fields by the Wardens. It is described as a field of infinite expanse, featuring countless campfires that burn every night. There, teams and clans no longer exist - all vehicles become brothers. Aki rests on top of a big mountain and watches over the inhabitants. He can be consulted if there are any questions or disagreements, and his word is the law.   Upon arriving, every vehicle receives a fuel can which refills itself every day. Their ammo stowage no longer requires resupplying, since they will always have the shell loaded that they want to have loaded, an infinite number of them. There are many activities for the inhabitants; if they want to, they can take part in shooting practices and large- or small-scale battles. Suffering lethal damage is impossible in this place, and any injuries will be repaired by the many TRVs residing in the fields. Even if a vehicle is reduced to a crater in the ground, it can simply be rebuilt and will be itself again afterwards, from the infinite spare parts that the TRVs have at their disposal.   The purpose of these activities is mainly honing their skills or keeping them in good practice - eventually, they are expected to participate in the big war that will happen on Earth after Sulfur raises from the seas again and will attempt to destroy the world. When this happens, the Wardens will come and return the inhabitants of the Peaceful Fields to Earth.  

Do all machines go to the Peaceful Fields?

No, only tanks and similar vehicles believe in this afterlife. Planes, ships, etc. are excluded and don't believe in its existence. Not all tanks believe in it either, but those who do think that even the non-believers will be welcome there.   The only way a tank wouldn't be able to enter the Peaceful Fields after their death is, according to common belief, that they were rejected by the Warden(s) coming to pick them up. There's a few reasons why a Warden would reject a vehicle - the most populars one are that teamkillers and traitors are not welcome. Those vehicles' consciences are said to simply "cease to exist" with no chance of redemption.
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What about Heaven?

The Peaceful Fields are a place that is reserved exclusively for machines. In the belief system of the machines there is also Heaven, but they don't go there. It is only for humans, as was decided by the humans themselves when they were still around.   The tanks honour this decision still, even after all the time that has passed. The concept of going to a place like Heaven is not very attractive to them, anyway.

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