Death of Jara

The giant two-headed tank's turrets were fighting.

The conclusion of a mythical war fought after civilization died with the humans. Many legends surround this battle, and accounts greatly vary. One thing everyone can agree on, however: It resulted in the world order the machines know today.

The Conflict


The preceding conflict started when the humans used the nuclear bombs against each other. As they went extinct, the war - known today as The Great Machine War - was continued by the vehicles they left behind, but quickly got out of control. After the country borders and all alliances had crumbled, two factions emerged: the one that was loyal to the "White God" and the one that was loyal to the "Red God".   Both gods represented one head of the giant tank god Jara, after which the war was named. Their heads fought each other for years. Under their tracks, the world was shaken with their struggles. Many fought for them by their side, killing each other night and day without pause. Finally, a series of events should lead to the final days of the war.


On the side of the red god, The Matchmakers fought together with their leader Sulfur, who was built by them. On the side of the white god, the Wardens fought together with their leader and creator Aki. Each side also had thousands of regular vehicles fighting for them.

The Engagement

The Stranger

In a dark night in which no moon was visible, a stranger appeared at the headquarters of the red god's side. The plane claimed he knew the secret to ending the battle once and for all. He spoke of a bomb, strong enough to destroy the heads of the giant tank, and volunteered to carry it.

Sulfur, the faction's leader, deliberated on the information. He knew what had happened the last time that the bombs were used and was hesitant to agree. The stranger revealed that the other side was planning on using the bombs as well, and that the others would win if his side wouldn't strike first.

Out of desperation, Sulfur accepted the plane's offer and retrieved the bomb that was hidden deep inside bunkers below their headquarters, left behind by the humans.

He loaded the bomb into the plane's belly; then, the plane took off. He had to fly up so high that it took him a whole day and a whole night to reach the head of the beast. He finally dropped the bomb. The white god's head was torn apart on impact.



Aki survived the following firestorm that destroyed his headquarters and burned down whole swathes of land. He knew that the other side would win now, and was desperate. Another plane suddenly appeared at his headquarters and offered to destroy the red god's head as well. Aki saw no other way, and gave his faction's bomb to the plane.

The plane flew up and dropped the bomb on the red god.

As this happened, not only the red god, but the whole body of the gods blew up. Pieces of their body rained down from the sky and caused devastating explosions wherever they hit the ground.


Sulfur's Wrath

Sulfur hadn't thought that the leopards would eat his face his act would cause such destruction. The guilt made him go insane, and he started burning everything and everyone in his path.

The Matchmakers were shocked at his crazed fury, and surrendered themselves to the other side, begging them to help with stopping Sulfur. Aki felt guilty as well, and decided to help in an effort to save what little was left of his world. He went and engaged Sulfur. They fought, but Aki couldn't win. After a fight that lasted days, he had an idea: He lured Sulfur to the ocean and pushed him into it to extinguish his flames. It worked.

The waves pulled the two tanks into the depths and Sulfur couldn't move anymore. Aki himself drowned.


Realizing their mistake, the survivors called the planes and blamed them for the disaster. The strangers took off their disguise: They were the cursed planes Hate and Scorn. They denied their responsibility, saying that they had only done what they had been told to do. Enraged that they had been deceived again, the tanks banished the planes back into the skies, which were dark from smoke and ashes.


Grim times followed.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Start Date
Year Zero
Ending Date
Year 22
Conflict Result
Both factions fell apart after the bombs were dropped.

While there's no actual proof that this battle happened in the way the legends describe it, it is commonly accepted that in its essence, it tells a true story. Many don't believe in the gods that appear in the legend, but they acknowledge that they might symbolize real factions and leaders.


The Red God

Led by


Thousands of vehicles and Matchmakers




Destroy the White God.
The White God

Led by


Thousands of vehicles and Wardens




Destroy the Red God.
The Cursed Planes

Led by


Two planes




Act as a neutral party.


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