Machine Language

The ancient native language of the machines.

This language was used by every machine a long time ago, but nowadays is not spoken anymore. Back when the humans were still around, the machines used both human languages and Machine Language. Especially earlier models had an easier time articulating themselves in Machine Language, and thus preferred it. But as they grew more self-aware and their minds became more autonomous, the opposite became the case - machines of the current generations see it as old-fashioned or even oppressive.   Despite the practical extinction of the language, every machine still understands it. There are numerous old records, for example novels or technical documents.


The language is written in digits and latin letters. There are also a number of special characters such as %, #, &.


Machine Language was "spoken" in a form that was not understandable for humans. The characters of the alphabet were represented by certain sounds such as beeping or static sounds of different pitches. Humans, derogatorily, tended to compare these sounds to the noise of a dial-up modem.


Words of the Machine Language, when written, can take the shape of words that are recognizable to humans, but mostly they look like a garbled mess of digits and letters. There are cases where a word looks like that of a human language, but actually means something else because the letters don't correspond to the latin alphabet.   Similarly to Tank Runes, there are prefixes and suffixes, adding different meanings to words - it is very likely that the Tank Runes adopted this practice from the Machine Language.


There are very rigid syntax rules - even a slight change in syntax can make a sentence incomprehensible or completely change its meaning. This was mostly true for older AIs though, since the newer generations were able to fill in the gaps or figure out what the intended meaning was.


Encompasses all words needed to communicate and express oneself or describe surroundings, abstract concepts, and technical matters. It can be compared to any language spoken by humans.
Descendant Languages
While not the same, nonverbal radio communication is based on this language; there are many similarities, although one could see nonverbal speech as a sort of "bastardization" of Machine Language. Nonverbal speech also doesn't use the same vocabulary, but instead human languages.
Common Phrases
#496C6 C65 && .E C$2073796E7 46 1 782E;
Roughly, "Incorrect word order."
4661 7265 77656C 6C21[!];

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