Self Propelled Guns

Self Propelled Guns, usually called SPGs, are an unpopular class that many teams only begrudgingly accept in their ranks. Their relationship with other vehicle types has been greatly damaged by the events preceding the the Purge.   Ever since these events, SPGs tend to receive poor training as the knowledge of the finer aspects of their class was mostly wiped out in the aftermath of the Purge. Even those who remember usually don't share the knowledge in fear of causing another genocide.   SPGs are a diverse class in terms of personality and mentality. Especially older models may act nearly or completely emotionless, whereas newer ones come with vastly different personalities. What they all have in common is an internalized sense of shame - some of them cope by inflating their own ego, while others are meek and submissive.   A common stereotype is that anyone who is too unskilled to do anything else switches classes to become an SPG. Defenders of the class argue that one needs special qualities to survive as one - concepts that other classes are unable to grasp - and that they are invaluable assets to a team.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They are equipped with a special targeting mechanism (Artillery Sights) that allows them to "see" their surroundings differently.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

"Arty" is a name that is given to SPGs very commonly. Even if they have chosen a different name for themselves, their teammates may use Arty instead, depending on how much they respect the SPG. Most SPGs don't like being called this generalized term, but there are also many who don't mind or don't care.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

SPGs were the first class to attain conscience. The old ones - of which none are alive anymore - were still more similar to autonomous killing machines than feeling, sentient beings. Even though the minds of contemporary SPGs are much more advanced, the legacy of the old ones lives on in certain ways; not only the minds of the SPGs themselves, but also their reputation.

Many Shapes There is the stereotype of SPGs being easy to kill once they are in reach, but said stereotype is often misinterpreted - with lethal results for the one attacking them. For an SPG, it can be hard to defend itself due to them frequently lacking a turret and their long reloading process. Circling them and taking them out from their dead angle is therefore easy for a decently nimble tank. What many SPGs however don't lack is sturdiness. Being based on all sorts of tank frames, they can be shockingly heavily armored. Underestimating their survivability is a fast path to one's untimely doom.

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14 Mar, 2018 19:11

They come with a heavy reputation, huh? I like how the Artillery Sights work, especially taking its drawbacks into consideration. The added societal detail of "unskilled people switch over to being SPGs" is really nice; it says a lot about how others view them in just a few words. I'm really interested in this Purge now. What the heck did they do??

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