Argus Rest

Also known as "Argusruhe".   Near the ruins of Karlsruhe, this abandoned place has been engulfed by a forest. It can be reached by following a road into the woods westward of the city center.   Only a small part of the facility is on the surface; a much bigger portion of it is hidden below the ground in a bunker-like complex. Heavy gates used to protect the underground portion but were blown up. Machines usually don't dare to venture into the depths of the complex anyway - there are some legends of secret riches buried there, but the place is considered dangerous/unsafe and vaguely cursed.   It is often described as a sort of tomb, the final rest of an entity known as Argus. No one knows for sure who that Argus was, but they are believed to have been a sort of prototype, somehow involved in the creation of a certain family of tanks.   Argus Rest doesn't belong to any team or clan. It has been neutral territory since the Bombs and was never claimed again.


Built back in the age of humankind. Used by the humans as a research facility for a big company, but abandoned. Later, the machines resumed work.   Experiments with machine conscience were done in an attempt to improve it, but before any significant progress could be made, the Bombs happened. The whole facility locked itself down because of the power outage. It is unknown what became of the scientists or the experiments, as this is where the historical records end.   There are only theories about their fates, as the only thing that can be observed is that something or someone either got out or in, in the end.

Parent Location
The North


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