A town that was the base of the Falkendorf Team for a long time. It is now abandoned after the team cannibalized itself. The buildings and roads are overgrown with all sorts of plant life, and the occasional wild animal can be spotted scuttling about. Most of the buildings are either partially or completely collapsed. Debris covers most of the streets, and even wrecks can be found - especially in the less frequented parts of the town. In these parts, nature has claimed whole blocks.   The areas where the team dwelled most of the time are less overgrown and derelict, but defences like tank traps and rubble were placed for the frequent battles that took place. The buildings themselves weren't maintained and simply left to crumble.   The big hill near the town's center was used for meetings whenever the team needed to decide on something, as well as briefings. Its castle, simply called Falkenburg had no special importance to them. The town's train station wasn't in use anymore either, even though the rails leading to the nearby town Jagd are intact.  

In "The Tanking League"

“Is that it?” Arty asked. She pointed at the silhouettes of tall buildings that were becoming visible between the hills in the distance. The descending sun was illuminating them from behind, causing everyone to squint as they looked ahead.

  “Indeed,” Fox said. “We’re almost there.”

  They kept following the road and climbed another hill, after which the area became flatter. The scattered, destroyed buildings of Falkendorf’s outskirts revealed themselves to their sights. As Fox threw a brief side glance at the Sturmpanzer next to him, he couldn’t help but notice her tense posture. Her cannon was tucked firmly to her glacis, tracks stiff as she rolled along. To the King Tiger, these and similar surroundings were a familiar sight; but he realized that seeing the battle-torn town for the first time must have been intimidating.

  There wasn’t a single house here that had remained intact after decades of constant struggle. Every ruin and every strewn about wreck were a silent reminder of the countless battles fought and the countless lives lost here. Low tiers usually never saw these places from up close, for a good reason. It was understandable that they wouldn’t feel at ease entering such deadly territory.
- The Tanking League / Chapter 6

Industry & Trade

TRVs frequent the town to offer trades and repairs.


Ruins of human buildings that aren't used anymore by the machines. A large hill with a castle on it near the town center; big central square. Garage spaces in the south part of the town; fuel depot in the northern part at the train station. Rails leading through the town in the west part. Electricity was provided by a big, solar-powered generator at the border of the town.


European style; buildings look more historical the closer one gets to the town center.


Surrounded by rolling hills on all sides; nearby piece of forest.


  • Falkendorf City Center
    A map of the town center.
Large town
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