The North

A Northerner can be of many mentalities, but most have in common that their hospitality and compassion are limited to their kin. Their home is a fiercely contested area - has always been, and their minds are drilled on survival by all means necessary. They believe that strict rules and a strong sense of compliance to authority figures are crucial to ensure said survival.
  Region commonly thought of as containing the former countries Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Czechoslovakia, as well as the northernmost parts of France.   Home to many aspiring and medium-sized clans, but also large areas of no-man's-land. A temperate climate and relative richness of resources make for a densely populated, but fiercely contested region.   The most commonly spoken language is English, but many natives also know German to at least some degree.   Being part of both a clan and a team is a concept that is largely alien to other regions, but not seldom here.   Due to the high number of clans, it is not too hard to come by resources as these are regularly stolen from their transit routes or traded. Therefore, the free teams have a relatively high living standard compared to other parts of the known world. Many trading routes to the West are active, but otherwise the North is mostly isolated in terms of economy - the way to the South is blocked off by clan territory and mountainous areas, the Far Lands too troublesome to travel to on a regular basis.   The North is also a popular route for latitudinal migration, made possible by the gaps between the clan territories that allow teams to pass freely if their travel is sufficiently planned.


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    (WIP) Map of the North's approximate current expanse, showing notable bases and landmarks.
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