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The Known World

The country names are not known anymore, but in terms of our geography, it is defined as great parts of Europe, Russia, North Africa, North America, and Australia.   The vehicles of the known world know little about the rest of the world; many doubt that anyone even lives there.   Resources in the known world are scarce and constantly fought over. Some of the more densely populated areas are especially viciously contested as there is never enough for everyone. The thinly populated areas have their own unique problem - it is hard to come by other teams and therefore the risk of running out of resources is great.   Generally, the known world is in ruins, with nature taking back most places since no one has the time or means to maintain them.  

Regions of the Known World



The East

Thinly populated, inhospitable lands. The few who live here are extremely tough and hostile.  

The West

No-man's-land spotted with small clan territories. Known for its favourable living conditions and hospitable inhabitants, although not as favourable and hospitable as the rumours in the other parts of the known world would make one believe.  

The South

Northern parts are territories of big clans. Not many have settled down in the lands below - they are mostly a transit region crossed by teams trying to get to from the East to the West.  

The North:

Home to many aspiring and medium-sized clans, but also large areas of no-man's-land. A temperate climate and relative richness of resources make for a densely populated, but fiercely contested region.  

South Peninsula:

Sometimes thought to be part of the South. This region is thinly populated - resources are hard to come by, but the absence of clans and its connection to Marchépave make it an attractive goal for journeys and teams looking for more peaceful lands.  


Inhabited exclusively by big and powerful clans, this territory is somewhat of the "Holy Grail" that many clans strive to rule, due to its developed infrastructure and economy.  

North Africa



Known for and named after its biggest haven, Marchépave, this region connects the unknown lands south of it to the known world through trade and migration.  



The Far Lands

Mostly no-man's-land, populated along the shores. Poor living conditions and extreme scarcity of resources drive many machines away.  

America and Oceania



Basically the southern part of North America. Called the "Mainland" by the machines hailing from here. Ruled by big clans.  


It was never a thriving land, but after it was abandoned as a clan territory, a mass panic made everyone who could leave the continent. Now a barren wasteland with no known signs of machine life.


  • Regions of the Known World
    The Known World, divided into its respective regions. Note that these regions' boundaries are only approximate - their exact location and expanse depends on who you ask. The region names are commonly understood, though.


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