Far Lands

Beautiful, but harsh lands with suboptimal living conditions for machines.

Populated mainly along the shores. Generally, it is advised not to be here. Those who can leave this place do, and those who can't live an austere life. There are very few factories, and even less that still produce new machines.   The philosophy of the machines who live here is shaped by their surroundings. They are seen as mysterious, tend to be reticent and eccentric, but emphasize teamwork - at least with their carefully chosen allies. Gaining a Farlander's trust is difficult, but once one has managed to do it, they are loyal comrades.   They are known to be skilled fighters, their abilities honed by a tendency to fight for themselves; teams are seen seldom here and instead platoons or loners are most common. Even their clans are not comparable to what the rest of the known world would call a clan - they are more similar to free teams in terms of size, and typically made from individuals who share a deep bond with each other. Infighting or backstabbing, which is commonplace in clans of the other regions, is rarely observed here.


Expanding approximately across what we know as Scandinavia - Norway, Sweden, Finland - this region is known for its beautiful, varied landscapes. Fjords and lakes, plains, but also mountains characterize the inhabited parts of the Far Lands. It is only nice to look at, however. The cold, humid climate gives machines who aren't from here trouble, but poses a challenge even to the ones who hail from these lands.

Natural Resources

Materials are hard to come by. Fuel and parts are even scarcer than in other parts of the known world. Most resources are acquired through trade from the North, but some very resilient clans have maintained infrastructure throughout the decades that supplies the free vehicles living here.


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