Known wide and far, this place attracts travellers in such great numbers that the only time when it isn't necessary to fender one's way through the crowd is during the night, when the clan people enforce a curfew.   A great place to buy cheap supplies and repairs: Numerous merchants have set up their booths here, as well as travelling mechanics. They try to undercut each other's prices, but nevertheless the wares and services here are of at least decent quality since the clan makes sure no one is ripped off. Merchants who try to sell junk are swiftly kicked out.   The clan itself also sells goods here, but they mostly fund it through the rent they collect; in order to set up a business, one is required to pay a tribute to them. The fee is very low, but it's enough to make the village viable enough for the clan to keep maintaining it.   Hostilities among the visitors are strictly forbidden - troublemakers are banned from entering the village and its surrounding camps.


The village is owned by the Stormsong Guild, which also controls the territory to the east of it.


There are no special defensive structures. The clan mostly relies on their strong guards to keep everything in check.


A few permanent buildings above and inside the valley: a tavern and a couple of inns, but most of the infrastructure consists of merchant booths. Putting up tents is only allowed on the surrounding meadows.

Guilds and Factions

Every once in a while, some merchants try to artificially raise the prices by arranging them with each other. This is not tolerated behaviour, however.


The market itself is located inside an idyllic valley. A river flows down into the valley and forms a big waterfall. Meadows surround the valley.

Location under
The North


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