Rheinmetall Factory

One of the biggest and most important factories in the North, its derelict halls throne amidst the ruins of what was once the city Düsseldorf. The whole complex is huge, but no one except The Matchmakers that are protecting it has seen it from the inside in decades.   No machine has been produced here in longer than most can remember, but there is a persistent belief among some of the ones familiar with the factory that it will one day start production again. In some versions of the "legend", it is said that there will be a "chosen one" produced. Other versions speak of more than one vehicle. All versions agree that this/these vehicle/s will have a significant impact on the world and its future, but the exact impact's vision varies. Generally, it is predicted that a new era will begin with the birth of the chosen one(s), sometimes described as a new era of war, other times as an era of peace.   These theories are supported by the fact that the Matchmakers are still protecting the factory, which is something they usually don't do for dead factories. It suggests that they know something the rest doesn't. Apart from the legends, this has given rise to a myriad of conspiracy theories.
Parent Location
The North


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