This town once belonged to a team, but as the Tanking League finds out upon their arrival, that team is long gone.   It is completely in ruins, even worse than a few years ago - since the "ghosts" have started attacking, it has suffered heavy damage.   Now, the Scavengers look after it from their bunker base. They keep fending off the ghosts, but the attacks continue and become more frequent. At this point, the fires inside the town hardly ever die down anymore, causing ashes and smoke to fill the streets.  

The Outskirts

Surrounding the town, a tank graveyard has emerged - the Scavengers just pile up the wrecks of the defeated attackers, arranging them in a giant maze that helps slowing down the hostile tanks.   A short drive away, there's a big bunker that the Scavengers live in. Running out of space for the wrecks inside the lower levels of the bunker was the reason why they started the graveyard outside in the first place.  

Town Center

Even the inside of the town is littered with wrecks. In many places, they were pushed into place strategically to block off certain streets and roads. As one gets closer to the center, there's less "barricades", but the debris from demolished and collapsed buildings still makes it difficult to access many parts of the town.


Derelict garage spaces and storages. Big cathedral in the town center that gave the town its name.


Crumbled remains of what was once a flourishing town. It was destroyed at the beginning of WW3. Later rebuilt, it was maintained somewhat by the teams living there, but ultimately decayed.


Old-fashioned buildings that used to be overgrown with flora, but as the destruction of the town advanced, the nature disappeared as well.

Large town
Location under
The North


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